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122 Bridge St., Pelham, NH 03076 • (603)-809-3003
We have been proudly serving the town of Pelham, NH and its surrounding towns since 1992.
Conveniently located in the Hillside Plaza (or on the right-hand side of Chunky's Cinemas)
What do the parents of our students have to say?
Tom and Jen McPhee
"Initially, we were apprehensive about enrolling our son in a martial arts program. But, we found the goals at Family Martial Arts of Pelham were right in line with our family values. The instructors are terrific with students of all ages and the training includes valuable lessons such as respect, discipline and focus. They emphasize achieving a healthy body and mind while helping each student strive for their own personal best. It has been such a positive experience, we enrolled our daughter too. Both have gained self-confidence, self-control and motivation which helps them in school as well as at home. They have made new friends, improved their fitness levels and are proud of what they have accomplished. We highly recommend Family Martial Arts of Pelham to anyone who wants to help their children be successful."
"I feel that the Karate program at Family Martial Arts of Pelham has benefited my son, Jonathan in many ways. The codes of conduct taught by Sifu and his staff have taught my son tolerance and respect for others. It has also guided Jonathan in learning to think before acting in what may be potentially dangerous situations. My son has Type 1 Diabetes, and it is important that he stay physically fit. The program includes overall body conditioning, enhanced coordination and balance, and sets the stage for a lifelong habit of exercise. Jonathan is also learning how to defend himself in case the need would ever arise. In addition, I feel that if my son learns to respect others and is physically fit, he will understand that he is someone worthy of respect. Jonathan will develop the self-confidence he needs to succeed. Many Thanks to Family Martial Arts of Pelham."
Elena and Joe
"Our daughter Amanda has studied with Family Martial Arts of Pelham for over 4 years. In addition to learning how to stay safe in dangerous circumstances, Bert Cunningham and his team have reinforced the importance of respect, responsibility, confidence, discipline and physical fitness. The instructors lead by example by treating each student with the respect and confidence they deserve. When attending class she proudly wears her First Degree Black Belt and is in training to be an instructor herself. Most importantly on a daily basis our daughter displays the many positive influences her instructors and classmates have passed on to her. Thank you, Sifu."